a little update

Hello! I haven't blogged here since December, but that doesn't mean I've fallen off the face of the internet or given up my interest in movies. Far from it! :) In fact, in April my little classic-movie-loving heart practically exploded with joy because I got to attend the TCM Classic Film Festival.

And not just merely attend, but attend with my best friends that I met through this blog five years ago.

And they showed my all-time favorite movie, Sunday in New York.

And Robert Osborne introduced it. 

It was, hands down, one of the best weeks of my entire life.

This is all five of us on our first day in California! From left to right - Millie, Me, Nicole, Sarah and Casey. We also got to meet Raquelle, KC, Marya and Laura, too! It was so amazing finally meeting all of my classic film pals in person!

I've been blogging about the festival on my primary blog, Scathingly Brilliant. I still have a couple posts left to go (it was so jam-packed with movies and excitement that I had to break it up into multiple posts) but you can see what I have so far right here.

I've also really missed blogging about movies on a regular basis, so I started up a weekly movie review series called Saturday Night Movie. I feel like most of my readers on Scathingly Brilliant probably don't like movies as much as me, but nobody really reads this blog anymore (not sure who this post is for then, actually. Hello, void!) (Also it's my own fault for updating it maybe twice in the last year. oops.) Anyway, regardless of whether anyone is reading it or enjoying it, I'm doing it. And I'm loving it.

So far I've reviewed The Prize, Say Anything, The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown and Torn Curtain. I'm kind of rusty but I think I've improved a bit with each post.

Right now I'm going through an intense Paul Newman phase (not as intense as Dirk Bogarde, like there won't be any Discovering Paul Newman sites springing up anytime soon, don't worry..) and I've been devouring his movies like crazy. Millie also succeeded in getting me to like Ralph Meeker (thought I was going to say Tyrone Power, didn't you? HAHA NEVER!!) If you didn't already read her review of Kiss Me Deadly, do yourself a favor and go read it now. She's brilliant (as always!)

Also, me and Nicole went to see Dr. Zhivago this week. I've been hoping that it would get a theatrical re-release next year for the 50th anniversary, but I didn't even have to wait that long-- The Film Forum screened it as part of their Alec Guinness 100th Birthday tribute! We had perfect seats, the audience was completely respectful, and the film was glorious. I've seen it countless times, but it really is a movie that begs to be seen on the big screen.

And that about wraps up my movie-watching/blogging/travel habits for the last few months. If anyone is still out there and (for some crazy reason) misses my movie posts and can tolerate DIY projects, candy-colored outfits and lots of pictures of my cats, the movie reviews will still keep a-coming, every Saturday on Scathingly Brilliant. Maybe I'll see you (I just said nobody is reading this and yet I keep acting like somebody is?) there.


KC said...

I've still got this blog in my RSS feed ;-) It was great to meet you at TCMFF Kate. You're just as charming in person as you are online. I'm looking forward to reading your movie reviews again!

Millie said...

Love this post. It makes my heart happy!

Michaela Ann said...

I just discovered your blogs and I'm absolutely in love! You do a fantastic job--please keep it up! I wish I had found your stuff sooner so I could have nabbed some of your artwork before others did.
If you have the time, please check out my blog, LoveLetterstoOldHollywood.blogspot.com. :)